Introducing the Move (your awesome body) Membership!

A virtual Fitness + Yoga Studio with one big difference: it's 100% body positive and weight neutral. 

Zero body commentary (except to notice how strong you feel). No diet culture references about the calories you burned (nope, you don't need to sweat to earn your food here). No transformations or before and after photos (health and fitness is not a size). 

None of it. Because your body, it's awesome (right now, no changes required). Fitness is about how you feel - not how you look!

The Move (your awesome body) Membership is about you - rocking your fitness - your way. Using fitness + yoga classes built on the solid foundation of exercise science and taught with great instructional and motivational cuing and a focus on joyful movement and body gratitude!

Every body is welcome here!

Here's what's included in your membership:

  • Library of over 100 fitness + yoga classes

  • Monthly guest instructors so we can all try new things (LIVE or catch the replay)!

  • Weekly "MOVE-spiration" email with links to LIVE workouts happening that week PLUS weekly workout suggestions to keep you inspired!

  • Fitness Fit for You Planning Guide + Calendar Template to help you create a fitness plan that works for your body and your life!

  • Template Calendars to guide you based on your goals. Options include: Core, Flexibility, Total Body Fitness (30-min or less OR 60-min or less)

What people are saying...

I rode my actual bike for the first time in a year!

Jess L.

We finally got our bikes back from a long-overdue tune-up. I was nervous about how my hands would feel with all the braking etc. I’m happy to report that I managed to get all the way from our place to one of the beaches downtown! I could hear your voice in my head from your cycling workouts cueing the technical aspects… using the full stroke, etc. What I love about your cycle workouts compared to other sources I use (like Apple Fitness+) is how you always focus on technique. And your warmup and cooldowns are always well tied to the workout, which is not the case with other sources of workouts. I know I can always count on excellent cueing, education, and proper warmups/cooldowns that keep my body feeling good with your workouts. Thank you!


Alexandra S.

These calendars are revolutionary!! I actually feel empowered/ excited to use the library much more now! THANK YOU!! 😊😊😊 (side note: the calendars Alexandra is referring to are 5 template calendars, each with a different fitness focus: Total Body Fitness (30-min or less), Total Body Fitness (60-min or less), Total Body Strength Focus, Core Strength Focus, and Flexibility Focus. The idea is to give you something to work from and inspire your workouts!)

Membership Options!

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Community is a powerful catalyst!

Bundle your Move Membership with OneCrew Community and you have a truly dynamic duo. An entire of library of fitness + yoga videos and LIVE workouts to help you move your awesome body (your way). Plus an incredible community, monthly challenges, and access to our OneCrew Coach Team for questions and support. All body positive. All weight neutral. All totally RAD!

Hi! I'm Gillian (she/her)

And I can't wait to sweat "with" you!

I love teaching fitness and yoga. I've been doing it for over 20 years. I've taught everything from classic step and aerobics back in the early 2000's through to bootcamps and TRX and most recently I've fallen in love with Yin Yoga! I'm a total body nerd and am passionate about learning, so I'm always reading and researching about the best and brightest ideas so I can keep my classes fresh (and fun)!

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