Give your body some LOVE!

Join me for guided stretching, yin yoga and foam rolling.

You've got a foam roller and yoga mat, and technically you know what to do, but...

Or maybe you have these tools, but don't know what to do! 

It's all good, and it's exactly why I made these videos.

We all know we'd benefit from doing more flexibility and myofascial release (aka massage/ foam rolling), but it's of what to do and when to do it. I've made it simple... just press play!

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Join Gillian for these recovery focused videos!

  • Foam Rolling FYI (instructional video)

  • Foam Rolling for Recovery (35-minutes)

  • Total Body Stretch (10-minutes)

  • Yin Yoga (45-minutes)

Class Descriptions:

Foam Rolling FYI: in this instructional video learn about the (geeky) why behind foam rolling and the tools you can use! 

Foam Rolling for Recovery: Give some love to your body head to toe with this 35-minute follow along foam and ball rolling session. 

Total Body Stretch: This is the basic 10-minute stretch I do after every run or workout. Follow along and build it into your routine!

Yin Yoga: Slow down and embrace stillness in this 45-minute practice designed to create space in the body and mind. Namaste.

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