Strong Core and More!

Build functional core and pelvic floor strength.

In the gym most people tend to focus on the strength of the extremities - arms and legs. But as the saying goes "you can't fire a cannon from a canoe." 

You need a strong core and pelvic floor to set the integrity of your foundation. 

In this bundle you'll get my "Core on the Floor" Videos as well as an additional Balance and Stability workout to help you develop functional strength through the lower extremities and ankles.

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Join Gillian on the mat!

  • Core on the Floor 1 (20-minutes)

  • Core on the Floor 2 (24-minutes)

  • Dynamic Balance and Stability (18-minutes)

Class Descriptions

Core on the floor 1: This 20-minute functional core workout is going to help you truly engage your deep core. 

Core on the floor 2: In this 24-minute workout the focus is on Deep Pelvic Floor engagement. Support your low back and hips with this workout.

Dynamic Balance and Stability: This workout takes you off the mat and into functional standing work designed to encourage balance and stability through the lower extremities and ankles. 

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