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We can go it alone, but we're #strongertogether

The Super You OneCrew is a unique membership designed to support adventurous people who identify as women who love to move their bodies!

All levels, ages, abilities, and sports are welcome!

This completely virtual community is about having the coaching, information, tools, inspiration, and camaraderie of a whole crew of rad women, accessible at your fingertips! 

Get the inspiration, confidence, and motivation you need to rock the movement that moves YOU!

Join the OneCrew

we can't wait to adventure "with" you!

What's included in membership?

Lots! Not only do you get carefully curated content, programs, lessons and form videos here on the Studio Platform, you also get these membership features:

  • Monthly fun in person community adventures (mid-island area). These events are FREE for OneCrew members and all about having fun and doing cool things!

  • Access to the OneCrew coaches (see their bios below) for questions, support and accountability.

  • Membership in our private Facebook Community for connection, inspiration, camaraderie and support!

  • Seasonal challenges to keep your adventure-seeking, moving mojo fired up!

  • Video and text based lessons to help you be active, train smart and enjoy your adventurous pursuits! Check out the curriculum below.

  • Follow along strength training, foam rolling, yoga and flexibility videos to help you build functional strength and flexibility to keep you injury free and ready for adventure!

  • Quarterly Zoom Calls with Gillian and special guests to learn and grow (and connect as a virtual crew)!

Join us and join in on the fun!

What members are saying...

5 star rating

Nutrition for Running

Emily Agopsowicz

I loved the overview of nutrition needs and hydration (coffee counts, yay!) The general guideline of when additional food is needed - after 30 minutes in a ...

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I loved the overview of nutrition needs and hydration (coffee counts, yay!) The general guideline of when additional food is needed - after 30 minutes in a run as well as the suggestions of snacks including the electrolyte tablets was very helpful.

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5 star rating

OneCrew Bingo

Oona Barrera

I love these challenges! I'm very motivated to check off the boxes, and will try something new just to get that bingo square.

I love these challenges! I'm very motivated to check off the boxes, and will try something new just to get that bingo square.

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5 star rating

Love it easy and straight forward!

Amy Morrisey

Accessing these tools was so simple. Awesome!

Accessing these tools was so simple. Awesome!

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Just like you, the OneCrew Resource Library covers a lot of ground!

    1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire & Waiver

    2. Anything else you think I should know?

    3. Join the OneCrew Facebook Group!

    1. OneCrew Zoom Guest Speakers

    2. Community Events (FREE)

    3. Community Adventures

    1. Scavenger Hunt Bingo (April/ May 2022)

    1. Building your Training Plan

    2. Training Planning Guide

    3. Training Calendar Template

    4. Multi-Sport Training Tips

    1. Walking for Health Introduction Video

    2. Walk for Health Download

    1. Walk the Distance Download

About this course

  • $29.95 / month
  • 108 lessons
  • 27.5 hours of video content

Looking for more?

Consider the OneCrew + MOVE Bundle!

The addition of MOVE to your OneCrew Community membership gives you 60+ follow along fitness + yoga videos plus 5 LIVE classes per month! Classes include: yin yoga, foam rolling, CycleFit, HIIT, Core, Strength, and more! All body positive. All weight-neutral. All for $44.95.


  • What are the pre-requisites to start this program?

    Awesome question! Nothing! An adventurous spirit and a desire to move your body! There are some training plans included for walking, running (5k - Marathon+) and coming soon Biking, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Swimming and Triathlon.

  • Do I have to do a particular sport?

    That's the beauty of OneCrew! Whether you walk, run, mountain bike, hike, swim, road ride, name it. You're welcome here.

  • What kind of coaching is available?

    Our coaches have experience and expertise in general fitness, walking, hiking, running, mountain biking, road riding, triathlon and adventure racing. We're all active adventurous women ourselves, and look forward to supporting you!

  • I've done other "virtual" groups before. What if I join and it's not for me?

    I get it. Sometimes it's hard to "connect" in a virtual environment. I think you'll really find a difference in this community. But, if you don't, you are welcome to cancel any time. There's no contract.

Meet Your Coaches

Hi! I'm Gillian.

I'm the founder of the OneCrew Community and can't wait to support you in all your adventurous pursuits! 

As a health + fitness coach with over 20 years experience I'm a wacky combination of body science nerd, passionate educator and body positive champion. 

I've got a degree in Kinesiology (total body science nerd), and am a Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor. I'm also TRX certified, and hold my Pre/Post-Natal Certification. I love learning and am always looking for new tools to add to my toolkit! 

When I tell people about my credentials, people assume I grew up a jock. But that's not my story. 

I grew up the kid that hated PE. I was in a bigger body and it felt more like punishment than fun. Then something shifted. 

When I was 19 I met a group of inspiring runners. I fell in love with running and shortly thereafter triathlon and haven't looked back since. I've run pretty much every distance - on road and off, completed 3 Half Ironmans as well as Ironman, and Adventure Races. 

These days you'll find me adventuring for the joy of it - in the forest hiking with my dog, mountain biking or wild swimming. I love a good challenge but am also really revelling in the opportunity to move my awesome body in nature.  

Bottom line: I love moving my body - ideally, in nature and I can't wait to adventure with you! 

Meet the OneCrew Coaching Team!

We've got incredible coaches with a variety of backgrounds and expertise just waiting to support YOU!

Kate Fisher is an accomplished (and incredibly humble) athlete who also knows the JOY of running. She's got an athletic and coaching background in track and cross-country and has personally qualified for Boston Marathon. I'd say she's got some running "chops." She also has a great attitude, is always game for adventure and has an awesome outlook on life!

Danielle Brazeau is also an accomplished (and incredibly humble) athlete (I see a trend). From 5k's to Marathons, Tough Mudder's and Half Ironman - she's done it all! She's known in the Crew for her wildly positive attitude, kind heart and casual badassary.

Jessie McGarrigle is an incredible athlete, coach and all around tremendous person. She's a skilled Mountain Bike Guide and Coach with over 20 years riding experience. She's also got some impressive finishes under her belt (like BC Bike Race!). But what you'll likely notice most about Jessie is her infectious positivity, joy for riding and being a truly adventurous woman! 

Waiting for a sign?

This is it! Join us in the OneCrew!