You are awesome.

But it's quite possible the fitness and diet industry aren't giving you those feels.

What if I told you that pretty much everything you've been taught to believe about your body, health and fitness is BS?

What if being "healthy" isn't as simple as "exercise and eat clean."

What if that's not the whole truth? What if it's not the truth at all?

  • What if true and lasting health doesn't mean hitting the gym OR doing HIIT?
  • What if nutrition isn't about following a cookie cutter plan (hold the cookies). 
  • What if being healthy didn't require diets, drama and dread? (gasp I know) 

What if there was another way? 

Free from the guilt and shame. Free from the pressure to be more and do more. Free from the never-enough-ness of chasing down the moving target society calls "health" (what is that anyway?!).

What if living a healthy lifestyle could actually be easy (and simple)? 

After 20 years coaching clients, and walking the path myself, I've unlocked the key to living a healthy lifestyle.

It starts with a Mindset.

Together we will explore:

  • The struggle to be healthy and fit - so we can own it and move past it (for real). I'm looking at you Diet Culture. And I'm not pulling any punches.

  • Making space for change - ditching the guilt, shame and shitty shoulds and embracing a self-compassionate, body positive approach to health + fitness.

  • The framework of Intuitive Eating (reclaiming your body autonomy back from Diet Culture and rediscovering the peaceful relationship with food and movement you were born with!)

  • How habits work - and how to strategically build habits that stick (for good)!

  • A simple process I call the 5R's that helps you dial in the details and make simple shifts towards your unique vision of health + fitness.

  • How you can easily bring your unique practice of health + fitness to (real) life. No complicated plans and programs. See you later overwhelm, hello clarity and confidence!

Hi, I'm Gillian (she/her)!

I'm a wacky combination of body science nerd, passionate teacher and body positive champion.

I have a degree in Kinesiology (yup, like I said, body science nerd), a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and I'm a registered Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with specialties in TRX, spinning and yoga. And I've been helping others create a healthy lifestyle they love for over 20 years. But I haven't always been a jock or loved moving my body (I've struggled too!). Thankfully I'm now in a place where I can genuinely say I appreciate my body and treat her respectfully. And I'm passionate about helping others feel this freedom and confidence. Are you ready?

If you're...

Fed up, frustrated, and exhausted from the rollercoaster ride of yo-yo diets, 30-day fitness challenges, and fancy fitness programs... 

Release the struggle. Reclaim your confidence.  Redefine your health + fitness on your terms. Get inspired and motivated to take action!

All people who identify as women are welcome!

Mindset is transitioning to ON-DEMAND!

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The NEW Virtual version includes

  • LIFETIME access to 12 modules with videos, audio resources, worksheets, and handouts.

  • One 15-minute one-to-one coaching call to help you get started.

  • BONUS: one month of membership in StudioCrew (2 monthly Zoom calls, private Facebook Group and a weekly email with tips and recommended resources).

  • BONUS: LIFETIME access to all 5 Studio Masterclasses for deeper exploration and growth during or after the course!

  • BONUS: LIFETIME access to the Top 5 Studio Workouts

What people are saying...

Phenomenal life-changing course!

Jen V.

Phenomenal life-changing course! My life is far more peaceful since doing the SY Mindset course and finally ditching diet culture. Not a quick fix, but an educational, mindful, practical, sustainable approach to health at every size. One of the best gifts I ever gave myself, because it gave me the key to unlock the cage of disordered eating and reframe my thoughts about health and my body.

Ditching the shirt and the body shame!

Christa E.

I’m so grateful to have taken Mindset with you. Although I have good days and bad with relation to my body, I’m getting better and I am more aware of the messaging we are surrounded by. This pic is a selfie and it’s a fave because it’s when I started working out without a big shirt on. You helped me to ask the question “why am I covering up in my own house?” Thank you.

Mindset is transformational!

Alexandra S.

The Mindset course has been transformational for me. It helped me to see that I have been holding on to a certain notion of what my body "should" be, instead of being willing to accept it for what it is, which is beautiful and healthy!!

Illuminating and Inclusive!

Cheryl V.

Gillian's Super You Mindset was just what I needed to illuminate some of my negative attitudes and habits that were not serving me in my quest for overall health. She helped me reframe with such grace and compassion. I felt equipped as she walked through and demonstrated well her Super You Spiral and provided many activities and interactions in the group calls and on the Facebook group. She is such a cheerleader and creates a safe and inclusive space for all to share deeply and grow together. Thank you!!!

A shift in movement mindset!

Mel B.

I just celebrated my 30th birthday and a big reasoning for wanting to do the Mindset program was so I could enter this new decade with grace instead of feeling like I needed to fight the changes that my body would inevitably experience. So it felt very fitting to use those skills on my birthday hike as I reflected about what life will be bringing next for me and how I want to define what healthy looks like going forward. I went on a beautiful hike and spent a lot of time reflecting on how my body was feeling. That is from your teaching, so I really need to thank you for showing me the skills of being in tune with my movements.

A powerful shift!

Kelly M.

Gillian's mindset program brought a powerful shift to my perspective of health and all of the external and internal factors that influence and shape how you see yourself. One of the best parts was auditing my social media and removing things that don’t support a healthy mindset, and following things that bring me joy. Through Mindset, I was equipped with simple and effective routines, tools and practices that can help break old habits that don’t serve you. If you’re ready to focus, take action and participate, you will get out what you put in to this program!


Kim W.

Thank you Gillian for offering a platform to figure out our own health! You lay down all the tools we need, and it's a method that really puts us back in the drivers seat. Brilliant!

And I got it...


I struggled. I debated, I pondered then I resisted. I tried and I tried again. And I got it! I AM doing teeny steps. I AM being kind to ME and seeking what I need, to be ok. AND most of all I already AM ok! Gillian is kind hearted. Gentle but persistent. Full of ideas and honest about herself. And this all helps.

An authentic opportunity.

Janice B.

Gillian offers an authentic opportunity to really examine our beliefs about our bodies, health and fitness. She helps us see ourselves through a different lens, and helps us to cultivate gratitude and self compassion, while acknowledging that we are all on our own health journey. Thank you!

Key take-aways

  • Discover the Super You Self-Compassion Strategy and how this game-changing approach can absolutely transform your pursuit of health + fitness (and life)!

  • Break free from Diet Culture and begin to cultivate a more neutral, kind and respectful relationship with your body.

  • Explore powerful strategies to shift negative self-talk and develop a more empowered relationship with your body.

  • Define what it really means to be healthy TO YOU (body, mind and spirit) ! No one-size-fits-nobody plans or programs required!

  • Understand the difference between physical activity for health and exercise for fitness (hint: you don't have to hit the gym or do HIIT, if you don't want to).

  • Explore mindful eating and get introduced to the Intuitive Eating Framework. Break free from Diet Culture and make friends with food (can I get a hallelujah?!).

  • Learn how you can ditch the wagon forever with the "Health Zone" (including holidays, vacations, stress and other wagon tippers).).

  • Learn how to incorporate what I call the 5R's to start your Super You Spiral of lasting health + fitness!

Take back the reins!

You're in the driver's seat in this conversation.

There is a time and place for fitness + nutrition experts (heck, I am one) But the most important expert on your body? Is YOU! 

Get clear on what is holding you back so you can feel inspired and motivated to take action with your health + fitness.