Fall in love with running

(for real)

Whether you're jumping off the couch or returning to run after a hiatus or injury this progressive walk-to-run plan will help you get there. I've been teaching this program for over 20 years and helped hundreds of women just like you fall in love with running (for real), and I can help you too!

The challenge most people face with running is doing too much too soon and not having the right information to support their success. Read: Information overwhelm and injury (no fun!). 

I'm taking the guesswork out of running. No more searching for info on Google and wondering if it's accurate. Or finding too much information and getting stuck in analysis paralysis. 

I've researched and curated the content you need to be successful and packaged it all in this course. 

The only question that remains is - are you ready to rock your run?

Jump in!

And get ready to fall in love with running (really!).

What's covered in this course?

Lots! Over the past 20-years coaching clients of all ages and abilities I've pulled together the information you need to know to be successful and packaged it here in this course! Inside the course you'll find:

  • Your self-paced progressive walk to run roadmap plan - customizable to 5k, 8k or 10k goals!

  • Video and text based lessons on everything from injury prevention and nutrition to cross-training and race preparation! (scroll down to see the entire curriculum).

  • Follow along fitness and flexibility videos to help you build functional strength and flexibility to keep your awesome body happy!

Course curriculum

    1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire & Waiver

    1. Intro Video

    2. Run for Fitness Handout

    1. Preparation is everything!

    2. Footwear 101 (happy feet = happy runner)

    3. Gear 101 (What you actually need)

    4. Sports Bra's 101 (Women Only, sorry guys!)

    5. Running Form 101

    6. Runner TMI

    1. Why Stretch?

    2. Head to Toe Stretch (follow along video)

    3. Stretching Handout

    4. Yin Yoga Follow Along Video

    5. Foam Rolling FYI

    6. Foam Rolling Follow Along Video

    1. Why Strength Train?

    2. Resistance Band Workout (instructional video)

    3. Resistance Band Workout HANDOUT

    1. Fuelling Your Run

    2. Fuelling Your Run Handout

About this course

  • $69.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Run for Fitness Course FAQ

  • What are the pre-requisites to start this program?

    Great question! Ideally you should be comfortable walking for 30-40minutes at a brisk pace. If you've been doing that 1-3x per week for even a few weeks you're ready to start this progression. It's also important that you're injury free and don't have any other health concerns preventing you from getting more active. Speak to your physician if you're not sure.

  • I've never run before in my life (except as a kid), can I do this?

    Absolutely! In fact, you are my favourite person to teach running to! You're going to be amazed at your capability if you follow the plan and listen to your body.

  • I've struggled with injury on and off, is this program for me?

    This is a great plan to help prevent re-injury and help you slowly progress to running. However, I'm operating on the assumption that you're injury free to start. If you're still struggling with an injury speak to your physician, physiotherapist, massage therapist or other rehab professional about whether beginning a progressive walk-to-run program is what is best for you!

Ready to rock your run?

Lace up your shoes and get ready!

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Gillian. 

I'm a health + fitness coach with over 20 years experience. I'm a wacky combination of body science nerd, passionate educator and body positive champion. 

I've got a degree in Kinesiology (total body science nerd), and am a Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor. I'm also TRX certified, and hold my Pre/Post-Natal Certification. I love learning and am always looking for new tools to add to my toolkit! 

Growing up I hated running. I got yelled at by my PE teacher for walking on block runs and faked sick on track days. Yup, no joke! I was not an athlete growing up. 

I fell in love with running when I was introduced to it by friends at 19. Instead of viewing running as a "workout" or something I "had to do" I began to view it as something I "got to do" and it was game-changing! 

Since then I've completed more 5k's and 10k's than I can count, over 20 Half Marathons, many Triathlons (including Ironman Canada), Adventure Races and more. 

I legit have a passion for running and can't wait to share it with you!