You talk to yourself (all the time)

Don't worry, it's not only normal - it's (mostly) healthy!

The challenge? Sometimes that self-talk isn't productive or supportive of your health.

Bummer, right?!  

But I've got good news! It's in your power to change that. 

By bringing our attention to our inner dialogue we hold the power to shift the conversation. 

In this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • The geeky science around why we talk to ourselves

  • How to harness the power of this inner dialogue (for good)!

  • Powerful (real life) strategies you can implement NOW

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Masterclass Intention

    • Welcome Video

  • 2

    The Two Voices In Your Head: Dual Process Theory

    • Video Lesson

  • 3

    All Systems GO! (why we need both systems 1 and 2)

    • Video Lesson

  • 4

    Understanding System 1 and System 2

    • Video Lesson

  • 5

    Hacking the Systems

    • Video Lesson

  • 6

    Finding your Inner Cheerleader (and banishing the inner critic)

    • Video Lesson

  • 7

    The Practice of Self-Talk

    • Video Lesson

    • Recommended Resources

  • 8

    Build your Own Health Mantra

    • Build Your Mantra Resource

    • Video Lesson

    • Inspired to Move Meditation