Have you ever noticed that "mean girl" in your head?

Yeah, her.

We all have one. For some she's a little more vocal. 

Don't feel badly, you're not alone! We all have an inner critic. In many ways this voice has served us. It's kept us safe and helped us make vital decisions. 

But what happens when that self-critic is on overdrive? How does that impact your capability to be successful? Can you drown her out in order to take positive steps in your health and life?

In this Masterclass we'll explore:

  • How self-criticism is killing your motivation and sidelining your success (aka keeping you on the "hot mess express")

  • How to step OFF the Hot Mess Express with the practice of Self-Compassion

  • Practical strategies to help you implement this practice into your daily life - starting today!

Course curriculum

    1. Masterclass Intention

    2. Welcome Video

    3. Recommended Resources

    4. The Super You Self-Compassion Strategy RESOURCE

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

    1. Video Lesson

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Turn down the volume on the mean girl...

And explore the powerful inner voices of self-compassion.