It doesn't take 21 days to make a habit.

Sorry (not sorry) - but I have got some great news...

You are absolutely capable of making lasting changes! It's all about finding the right strategies....

Strategies that work with your (real) life. 

Backed by the science of behaviour change we're looking at how to really change the game - for good!

In this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • The science of habits - how you really are like Pavlov's dog (and other fun nerdy stuff)

  • Pro-tips from the field - how to avoid the biggest pitfalls I see people making every day!

  • What you really need to do to change, break and make habits (for life)!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Masterclass Intention

    • Welcome Video

    • Recommended Resources

    • Hack Your Habits HANDOUT

    • Hack Your Habits RESOURCE

  • 2

    The Habit Loop

    • Video Lesson

  • 3

    The Neuroscience of Habits

    • Video Lesson

  • 4

    Pitfalls to Avoid (aka: don't overload your circuits)

    • Video Lesson

  • 5

    Habit Strategies (that work for real life)

    • Video Lesson

  • 6

    Building New Habits

    • Video Lesson

  • 7

    Breaking Down "Bad" Habits

    • Video Lesson

  • 8

    The Practice of Habits

    • Video Lesson

Ready to hack your habits?

Let's dig into the science and help you make lasting change!