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  • The entire library of Fitness + Yoga Follow Along Videos (value of $193)
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  • Registration in the Super You Mindset each time it runs (value of $89)

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  • Clarity Coaching Module - this self-directed video based coaching takes you through the exact process I use with one-to-one clients to help them redefine health and fitness on their terms and bring it to life!
  • Additional Fitness + Yoga Videos (and more added every quarter)
  • Recipes that Rock Library - a go-to library of tried and tested super yummy recipes!

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Meet your coach

Hey, nice to "meet" you, I'm Gillian...

I'm a wacky combination of body science nerd, passionate teacher and body positive champion. I have a degree in Kinesiology (yup, like I said, body science nerd), and I'm a registered personal trainer and fitness instructor with specialties in TRX, spinning and yoga. And I've been helping others create a healthy lifestyle they love for over 20 years. But I haven't always been a jock or loved moving my body (like I said, I've struggled too!). Thankfully I'm now in a place where I can genuinely say I love and appreciate my body. And I'm passionate about helping others feel this freedom and confidence. Are you ready?
Meet your coach

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  • New Member Orientation Call (15-minutes)

  • Quarterly One-to-One Clarity Coaching Call (15-minutes)

  • Weekly LIVESTREAM Fitness + Yoga classes

  • Monthly Group Video Conference Calls (recorded for those who can't attend live)

  • Access to our private Facebook Community of Women!

  • Monthly Challenges with prizes!

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This approach is not for everyone. I don't provide menu plans or detailed fitness schedules. There are no food rules or specific workouts you must do. If you're looking for a detailed program to follow this isn't it (#sorrynotsorry). If you've done all "the programs" and tried all "the plans" and are ready something different, something unique to you, keep reading. The Super You Studio is for you if...

  • You're done with diets, drama and climbing on and off the health and fitness "wagon"

  • You're ready to ditch the drama, guilt and shame and truly love your body

  • You're ready to create a healthy lifestyle you genuinely love


  • I’ve been a member of other online groups in the past. It seems like a good idea but I don’t seem to stick with it! How will this be different?

    The Super You approach is unlike other online challenges. It’s about helping you find a sustainable approach that genuinely works for you. This isn’t about me giving you a detailed program and laying it all out. It’s about me helping you discover what the right pieces of the puzzle that are for you and giving you the real-life tips and tricks to actually implement them - long term!

  • What if I go to fitness classes/ a studio in my community too, can I still be a member?

    Heck yeah! That’s amazing. The Super You Studio isn’t about replacing your fave fitness class or local studio - it compliments them! I want you to engage and embrace whatever fitness solutions that work for you. That’s the whole point of this Studio and Community - to have the knowledge, insight and confidence to totally ROCK the approach that works for you!

  • Are there any nutritional products promoted within the group?

    HARD NO. Absolutely not. This is not an up-sell opportunity. If you have a nutritional product you love - awesome. But this is not a space for sharing that, nor will you find me talking about it. PERIOD.

  • I don’t have Facebook, can I still participate?

    You totally CAN, but there is an element of the Studio you’ll be missing (one I think can be really instrumental in supporting you!). But hey, I get it, Facebook can be a real time suck! In the Studio Platform you'll be able to ask questions and engage with the community. I'll also be hosting the monthly Zoom (web-based) meet ups and then saving the recordings to the Studio Library. If you do decide you'd like to connect with the Facebook Community without falling into the Facebook vortex, what I’ve had some clients do in the past is create a "legal" alias account (with a legit name and image to keep Facebook happy) but not sharing it out. Then only using Facebook for our community. That way they get the benefit of the community without falling down the rabbit hole of Facebook time suck!

  • Will there be opportunities to meet up in person?

    The beauty of the online community is that there are going to be women from all over the world participating (yay!). You will have the opportunity to connect online through the group and it is my hope that this translates into live meet-up opportunities. This will be facilitated primarily through the Facebook Community. I will be encouraging people to host meet-ups using the events feature. This is a great way to meet like-minded health and fitness friends for in person support!

  • I have an approach to nutrition that really works for me, do I have to change that?

    NO! In fact I don't want you to change a thing - especially if it's working for you. The Super You Studio is about getting clear on what isn't working, finding the things that work and celebrating the heck out of you finding your unique approach! So if you're rocking your nutrition your way - rock on sister!

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    Contact me at to have your question answered!

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